About us

AIIMA is a sportsbrand which started with an idea to make football kits more fun, creative and personal. At AIIMA we disagree with the fact that it's only professional teams that should get the opportunity to represent their team with a nice unique design and high quality clothing, we want to give that opportunity to all types of teams and players regerdless of level. 

We are getting rid of boring simple footballkits where the only personal touch you can add is your club logo and the players name and instead we offer you a completely unique design inspired by what you/your team stands for. 

Read more about us and our mission here.

  • 1. Create order request

    Contact us through our order form on this page or e-mail. We will respond within 24 working hours and collect more information regarding your design.

  • 2. We will create your design

    We will create a creative and unique design with inspiration from your requests and our own research of your club or organisation. This process will take up to 2 working days.

  • 3. Review mockup design

    You will be presented with created mockup designs. You get to review them and give your feedback, we create up to 5 designs for free to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the design.

  • 4. Confirm order & make payment

    When you're happy with the design you'll confirm the order by making payment via our payment link that will be sent to you. Manufacturing will start when payment is made.

  • 5. Manufacturing & delivery

    Manufacturing takes 3-8 weeks depending on quantity and your new kits will be delivered to specified address.

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€EUR - Euro

SEK - Svensk krona

GH₵ - Ghana cedi